Radel Dhruva Nano ZX

Radel Dhruva Nano ZX
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25-note semi-weighted keyboard controller with Native Instruments KOMPLETE Elements software.
Samson's Graphite 25 USB MIDI Controller gives you all the performance and production control you need to get the most out of your music software. Combining an intuitive 25-key semi-weighted keyboard with a feature set that is both useful and accessible, the Graphite 25 is a sleek, powerful tool that allows you to express your most dynamic musical ideas.
The Graphite 25 is designed to feel more like an instrument than a controller. It's semi- weighted keyboard comes equipped with 25 velocity-sensitive keys for capturing the dynamics of a performance, while aftertouch offers customizable control over a variety of effects and parameters. With dedicated Transpose and Octave buttons, as well as classic Pitch and Mod wheels, the Graphite 25 puts a wide range of musical expression at your fingertips.
The Dhruva Nano Zx 4-in-1  is a harmonium-type drone sruti box (sur-peti) that is also a TUNER /SRUTI BOX / METRONOME / GAME. It is tiny - palm-sized: 115 x 130 x 80 mm. Weight approximately 0.5kg.  
It produces a drone similar to a harmonium type traditional sruti box (sur-peti)
It has a Tuner / Pitch-pipe with Digital Display, Dual scale system: Chromatic / Diatonic 
It has Auto-tuning of SA-PA-SA / SA-MA-SA with LED indication
Pitch adjustable over 1 octave and  Fine tuning of pitch is available 
The Dhruva Nan Zx has an optional Metronome.
A new feature in the Dhruva Nano Zx is the tuning game to help improve your tuning skill
The Dhruva Nano Zx also has the standard Radel features: 
»SMPS (Universal voltage facility) for use at any voltage from 90 - 260V AC 
»Automatic switchover to batteries on power failure 
»Automatic saving of selected pitch into memory; option of saving one more selection into memory 
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